Best Choice

Nagy Protection Services, Inc., is the best choice for security at your location for the following reasons:

Superior Training

Our entire staff, uniformed, plain clothes and undercover, have received extensive training and they regularly attend additional training sessions throughout the year according to your individual requirements.  You can expect our security personnel to be knowledgeable, capable and well informed.


Nagy Protection Services, Inc., is well equipped to provide ample coverage for virtually any circumstance, both in personnel and equipment.  We can immediately handle your extra security
as needed.


"Preventing problems before they occur" is the philosophy of Nagy Protection Services, Inc.  We will provide an in-depth evaluation of your needs and an action plan of how we will furnish the appropriate amount of protection for your location.  Nagy Protection Services, Inc. is noted for it's careful attention to detail, safety surveys and contingency planning.


We help protect your reputation.  Years of experience with a variety of customers enables our field officers to spot many potential problems before they become difficulties. We are constantly observing the job site to protect your interests
and reputation.


Blending into your operation.  The presence of security personnel will deter incidents, yet they will be helpful, courteous and friendly to building residents, campus staff and visitors.  Nagy Protection Services, Inc., carefully chooses staff to meet the client's needs and makes sure they are appropriately dressed for the environment.  Our personnel are able to interface with your employees and visitors.

Nagy Protection Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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