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Operating Security Policy and Procedures
The Security Risk Analysis Report

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Your Campus Security Director
Sample Duties and responsibilities of a Campus Director of Security.
The Director of Security will oversee implementation of security, physical security, and loss prevention policy and programs.  His or her responsibilities include conducting compliance audits; providing advice, assessment, and assistance to Activity Administrative Officers; assisting in the development of plans for security upgrades and enhancements; and coordinating and directing security force activities.

Plan, manage, implement, direct, and supervise security, physical security, law enforcement, and loss prevention programs including developing and maintaining comprehensive physical security instructions and regulations.
Determine the adequacy of the physical security and loss prevention programs, identify areas that need improvement, and recommend such improvement to the office of the Headmaster.
Develop and maintain a current physical security plan.
Conduct security surveys/assessments, audits, and investigations.

Develop and maintain personal identification and access-control systems as required.
Develop security aspects of crisis management; participate in the planning, direction, coordination, and implementation of procedures for managing situations that pose a threat to the security of activities; and act as a crisis manager and a primary staff advisor during any security-related crisis.
Establish and maintain records relating to property loss, violations, and breaches of security measures and procedures (these records will be retained for at least three years)
Establish and maintain liaison and working relationships and agreements with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Develop, maintain, and administer an ongoing security awareness program encompassing security, crime prevention, loss prevention, and local threats.

Organize, train, and operate the security force.

Develop written security orders or directives to cover all phases of security operations.
Operating Security Policy and Procedures
The Security Risk Analysis Report

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